Ideas:Grace Kelly –Inspired Interiors

I would love to design a dressing room inspired by Grace Kelly’s style. This is a room for the kind of girl who really enjoys getting dressed,and perhaps has the means to dedicate a spare room to it!   It would be a place to lounge around with a magazine,or drink a glass of [...]

IDEAS:Hemingway -Inspired Designs for Interiors



AS A DESIGNER OF INTERIORS,the Hemingway Home in Key West reminds me of what I love about Island Plantation-style design:

-the architecture – expansive porches; large,shuttered windows and French doors

-the architectural details –ceiling fans; glossy paint finishes on trim and porch floors

-an eclectic mix of art and furniture,reflecting places travelled to and [...]

INSPIRATION:Louis Kahn’s Tetrahedral Ceiling and the Stunning Art and Architecture at Yale University


(Photo Source)

Somewhere around the beginning of design school,I learned that one sort of architecture that I had always thought of as bleak and non-descript had a name: Brutalism.  I found it such an apt moniker for the rough,boxy,colorless (and in my estimation,joyless) design I associated with housing projects and [...]

IDEAS:Claude Cormier –Inspired Designs for Interiors

Pink Balls   Montreal,Canada 2011 (Pedestrian shopping mall)

AS A DESIGNER OF INTERIORS, Cormier’s installations remind me of


-the impact of one bright color used extensively against a natural or color-neutral back-drop


-how interesting simple forms (such as balls or umbrellas) can become when done in multiples


-the importance of a [...]

INSPIRATION:Claude Cormier’s Blue Tree in Sonoma,California


Look at this beauty!    

This once quietly majestic tree was afflicted with a terrible tree-killing disease and on its way to being felled.  In its final act,along came Canadian landscape architect Claude Cormier to give it the grandest send-off a tree has ever had by adorning it with [...]