IDEAS:Hemingway -Inspired Designs for Interiors



AS A DESIGNER OF INTERIORS,the Hemingway Home in Key West reminds me of what I love about Island Plantation-style design:

-the architecture – expansive porches; large,shuttered windows and French doors

-the architectural details –ceiling fans; glossy paint finishes on trim and porch floors

-an eclectic mix of art and furniture,reflecting places travelled to and [...]

IDEAS:Louis Kahn and Yale Art &Architecture –Inspired Designs for Interiors

Louis Kahn under his Yale Gallery ceiling,and the building’s staircase –triangles within a cylinder (Photos source)

AS A DESIGNER OF INTERIORS,building such as Kahn’s Art Gallery and the Beinecke Library at Yale remind me of

-          my affinity for geometry in design,especially the multi-dimensional treatment of it seen in Kahn’s ceiling [...]