Hello! I am so happy to have you here at my little file cabinet of the good stuff. I truly love designing interiors, and I get so much practical information and inspiration for my work from the internet. It’s great to have a place where I can contribute to the conversation.  Here are a few things about me that will show up in my work and on the blog.

My style My designs will skew this way and that, according to the architecture I am working with and my clients’ tastes. But a common thread is that I generally start with restraint – clean lines, neutral colors, and blank spaces in a room where the eyes can rest. Then I like to add vibrancy and playfulness in unexpected pieces, unusual materials and eye-catching moments of color and pattern and texture. I am passionate about the value of great architecture, beautifully-crafted furniture and fine art pieces, and I could talk about that stuff all day long. But I’m a very unpretentious shopper, who likes mixing vintage and contemporary, and believes in the power of a coat of paint or some new hardware to transform a piece.  And let’s not forget art! And sentimental touches!!  All my rooms have to have them, for warmth and character.

My background. I grew up being immersed in different cultures that each made their own specific mark on me and my design sensibilities. I was a baby and toddler in Carmel, California, then a barefoot little kid, climbing trees and having some fairly exotic adventures in Sri Lanka.  My family moved to Sydney in time for me to start school and have a really Aussie childhood, and then I spent a couple of my teen years in a very proper English boarding school. When I returned to the States, it was to the East coast, where I finished high school in Connecticut. The first big decision I ever got to make for myself was where I would go next, for college. I chose Los Angeles, and it soon became the home I have never wanted to leave for very long.

My lifestyle. I still LOVE to travel, but the culture I’m immersed in now is that of my young family in our first home. I live with my husband, Will, and our two little girls, Saskia and Camelia. I am very lucky to have a fantastic collaborator in Will, who develops real estate for a living, and builds and fixes and paints things at my persuasion for fun. Our house has our hand-prints all over it, and is frequently full of little kids, people who work with me, neighbors we like hanging out with, and overseas guests. It is also my ongoing pet design project, the one where I get to be experimental and figure out how to solve the same issues a lot of my clients are having with their homes. Is this durable? Is this inviting? Is this stylish at a reasonable price? These are the kinds of questions I am always testing at home.


My design philosophy. It’s great if you have the budget for a dream kitchen remodel. But it is also great if you can just find a plant to fill out the dead corner in your Living Room, and a few pillows to make your sofa more comfy and inviting. I don’t believe in waiting until you are at a certain place financially or with your family to start elevating your living space. Your life is happening now! And you probably spend a lot of it at home, so invest what you can in making it a haven.

Interested in knowing more about me? Here is my professional Bio.

Here are some details about working with me and my team in person or online through our Decorating Guideline Packages and Express Consultations.


Please email me if you have any more specific questions, and keep in touch with me on Social Media. I try to link back to sources for every image I use – please tell me if you would like me to remove anything that belongs to you.

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