A staircase is almost always an opportunity to do something special in a design. These spiral staircases are beautiful examples of how space-saving function can meet exquisitely sculptural form. Each is a work of art that could be the highlight of an interior.

This one looks like a cerused wood wave.

88d2296d19eae1e2e408fa51e365549fMost spiral staircases look like they would kind of sweep you along. The one below looks like it would throw you from side to side! I can’t really see a building inspector signing off on the high, open part of the stairway that the guy in the picture is about to descend, but I am inspired by this as a concept anyway. I like the way that the warmth of the polished wood softens all the sharp angles.
d925064ab7ae0956c0372856f09dcffbThe pristine white banister of the staircase below reminds me of wedding cake fondant, and I love its contrast with the natural wood stairs.

6cb702dac958bfa3caba61e7860f4913Yet another unusual material: this looks like metal that has been given an acid treatment to give it the look of a time-worn patina.457b3e236b424b7122942b28fcce4f12As you might guess from my Pinterest board on the topic, I have a thing about staircases!


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