I’m always mesmerized by Alex Prager‘s photographs. This is the one that first caught my attention a few years ago.
1Fashion editorials and advertising campaigns by the photographer have kept her on my mind.2Obviously, each image is intriguing. There is a specific story about an interesting woman in just about every one. 3aThe vintage aesthetic and cinematic feel of Prager’s work makes it all the more appealing to me. The influence of Hitchcock and Cindy Sherman can not go unnoticed, but everything I see her do feels fresh and captivating.3bPrager lives and works in Los Angeles, and her work reflects it. Yet another reason to love.
678Even with such a stylized feel to much of her work, Prager is never just one note. Her images could be anything from unsettling to bizarre to sweet and nostalgic.910
11Each one is singularly compelling. (What is going on with these chicks??)