I always look at a set of stairs as an exciting design possibility. There are amazing things you can do with a stairway, from the baluster and handrail, to the wallpaper or paint or art on the surrounding walls. I really like it when stair treads and risers are articulated. Just highlighting the risers is one of the easiest ways to make a staircase a focal point. These are some of my favorite concept images from outdoor design and street art.

The gradient of blues on this staircase hits me in all the right places. Playful, yet calming. fa3a348135e8995072617162594aa8afThese next two are street art at its best- the kind that invites the viewer to be part of it.  Who wants to play Tetris?1b6b161dcb82aaf38c84aed77f9ac14cOr would you rather play a piano? Seriously delightful!56db6c6b26cd708b98887979a2e1d8d4Love the color and pattern of these Spanish tiles.(The architecture has to be right for this to work though – Spanish tile is often misused, and CAN look tacky on the wrong building!!)14d9b909eff66dd743fac6d478ce51d9

I M A G E S // 1, 2, 3, 4

I could go on and on about stairs – they are a favorite architectural feature of mine, as you can see from my Pinterest board on the topic.

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