A few months ago, I posted about some spiral staircases that made me giddy. Here are some more inspirations, each one as clever somehow as it is beautiful in its design details.

This one is called the Vertebrae Staircase!dba1e8160f5d865aea1e77d0051c270aThe combination of beautifully grained wood and pristine white plaster (below) gets me every time. This space is the epitome of Warm Minimalism to me, and the way the whole staircase just hovers there there above the floor but doesn’t touch it is unforgettable.

The above also reminds me of the Holy Rope installation by my favorite landscape weaver, Patrick Dougherty! The staircase in the 2 images below also remind me of vertebraeSo beautiful!8c55e168fd0fcb41fed76c9963e0f4f0 8cca9cd88354cc1ac02f77d71d056cf3Only the one on the left is an actual spiral, but either of the staircases below (with their built-in slides!), could be a dream to appeal to kids and grown-ups alike.

Endless fun….

IMAGES // 1, 2, 3, (4 unknown)

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