I have been working on the complete renovation of an apartment building in Hollywood this year (pictures and details on that coming soon!), and we made a big change to the exterior by simply using color to highlight parts of the existing architecture. On my mood-board for the project were these images: A couple of very minimalist, almost institutional-looking buildings, brought to life with color. I love the way it completely breaks up the repetition of the balconies in each one. The effect is playful and commands attention.

In this building, the walls and doors of the balcony spaces have been painted in the pastel colors of candy-coated Easter eggs. Or maybe it’s a box of fresh chalk…
68a003c5f06f16bb8b9fbd03b551dbbeIn the one below of the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, each balcony is bathed in colorful light.


These buildings remind me of the work of artists like Mondrian and Ellsworth Kelly and Sol LeWitt. The combination of austere line and exuberant color is very dear to my heart!

Photos: 1, 2,

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