Show Me 3 // Moravian Star Pendant Lights

Mathematics has never been my forte, but I have a weakness for geometry in design! Apparently the Moravian star started out as a geometry project at a boys’ school in Germany. It came to be produced as a decoration symbolizing Advent, Christmas and the Epiphany. I think one or a grouping can add a festive touch to a hallway or dining area at any time of year. I just put one in a nursery!

HIGH // Moravian Star Pendant // Lumens Light & Living // $1050

MID // Superior Moravian Star Light // Shades of Light // $330

LOW // Glass Moravian Star Pendant // The Mine // $200

All these pendants are around 19″, and are available in various finishes. Let the magic begin!

Show Me Three // Pulley Pendant Light

File this one under Industrial Chic! I am enjoying this lighting trend that incorporates a pulley detail into a pendant light fixture. A lot of times, I like to imagine a grouping of pendant fixtures for visual impact. In this case, one of these babies would make a memorable design statement on its own. 
HIGH // Pendant Pulley Light // Sun Valley Bronze // $2000

MID // Porcelain Lamp // Studio WM. // $475

LOW // Ariel Light Mini Pendant // Wayfair // $160

Another plus for this kind of fixture is its flexibility. It could be ideal for a space where there may be a dining table under it sometimes (in which case you would want the fixture down about 30″ from the table), but other times people would be moving through the same spot (in which case you would want it much higher).

Future Design Dreaming // Sexy Hollywood Hills Bachelor Pad

I’ve found myself designing for a series of single male clients lately. This is a favorite bachelor pad mood board from my design studio. It’s sexy! And masculine. And art-driven. And full of moody blues. And if you could reach out and touch the sensuous upholstery fabrics on the board, you could better imagine how comfortable this place would be.

board1 The blue velvet with the pajama-stripe textile is one of my obsessions here – Millbreck in Azure by Designers Guild. It is luxuriously soft. And I snuck in a piece of art (the Lone Ranger with the laser eye), by my favorite musician, Bob Schneider -because that’s sexy to me! If I were a single lady, and I walked into the home of a date to find all this, I would be relieved to know it was done by a designer – and not his ex! Then I could just admire his fantastic taste in art…

Here are some pieces you could buy to get the look.


1. Art // Natasha Law, Blue On 2. Pendant // Honeycomb Pendant 3. Floor Lamp // Praying Mantis Floor Lamp 4. Bulb Lamp // Crystal Desk Lamp 5. Chair // Calvin Chair 6. Rug // Brazilian Cowhide 7. Cocktail Table // Pi Coffee Table


Show Me 3 // Copper Bell Pendant Lights

Copper is the new brass, and since I’m always looking for special lighting pieces, I I keep running into fantastic pendant fixtures like these. Whether it’s a hammered texture, an artful mix of materials, or a sleek and simple finish, the bell shape keeps it timeless. Just line a few up over an island or a bar, and you’ve got yourself a design statement.
35045004_028_bHIGH // Stanley Pendant // Anthropologie // $750

MID // Copper Lamp // Steve Banken // $325


LOW // Lumi-R Pendant // Interiors Online  // $225

Past Work // Dramatic Powder Room

If you swoon over pattern as I do, a Powder Room is the perfect place to indulge that fetish in the form of a beautiful wallpaper. You get bang for your buck when you invest in a Powder Room, since everyone who is a guest in your home may see it at some point – and in a quiet moment, where they may take in the lovely design! Since it’s a place where people are going to get in and get out quickly, you might as well do something bold.

GÇó072114 NJ Geurin bathroom 2My client and I had been working on her condo with lots of white walls, neutral furniture, and gold accents, along with touches of red. She wanted drama for the Powder Room, and asked me to show her wallpapers that had gold in them. I was so impressed that she was game for my favorite find, “Migration” in Oslo, from Walnut Wallpaper. It’s beautiful, but a little risky in that it could skew kitschy! We went for it anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.16.28 PM

This pendant light by Ladies and Gentleman Studio was the icing on the cake. We used the small one, in a brass finish.

454d27418bf67c8848c8bf263c5ad0b7So this is what the Powder Room looked like before: clean and serviceable, but forgettable. (And forgive me for the lid up on the loo – that is gauche, even for a “Before” picture!)

IMG_1638And here is what the Powder Room looks like now: an experience!  The room is fun and lively, like my client herself, and we were thrilled with the way it turned out.

•072114 NJ Geurin bathroom NORUG cropped

Photography by Ellen Smiler