I hardly know where to start with Matisse. His colorful paintings captured my heart at a young age, and my affection for his work has never diminished. One place I absolutely want to visit one day is this chapel he designed in Vence, in the South of France. It was  completed in 1951, after Matisse spent four years working on every aspect of the design. He called the result his masterpiece. Who am I to argue? Take Me To Church!

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e2f6fda2ea9866af148a3235b8242f1d 79f86481098fc9520a8ff1b4d2b48dae 377480c0c040bbc1e545b1863bc0214aI love this intricately carved confessional door! A concept for some special door or screen I may design one day.
416f1c1bfed005b92be9e74557e9736f 65cae743134a65821ac8393592e0dab7 Matisse even designed the vestments for the priests! How rad are these?80ad40bed8b1597214e91d9d3dcec1b0


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